Saturday, May 28, 2005

Alison Dream

Alison and I were shopping for I don't know what. She had purchased or signed up for some sort of service after being newly married. Back at her place, she had received and opened a box from the company that she'd signed with and was suspicious of its contents. She said something to me about keys and that she was unsure if this was for real. I began perusing the contents of the box. There was a small sort of plaque for keys, with grooves carved out to place your keys in upright like you would put pencils in a pencil holder. There was a leather sheath which contained a cast iron fireplace poker. I looked at Alison and asked her if she had a fireplace, and at the same time remembered she did have a huge one in her basement. There was another smaller leather sheath that contained another rod-shaped instrument, but I can't recall what it was. The best present delivered alongside the box of things was a clear refrigerator case containing cookies that were three dimensional and covered in frosting squirts to look like characters. One was Winnie the Pooh. Somehow I knew this particular cookie contained a banana and would be delicious. I offered it to Alison and she declined with a sour look. "You don't like banana's?" I asked. She replied in the negative. I glanced out the window and noticed that part of the sky was black and churning. There was lightning striking all around and I knew the tornadoes were on their way. I was flustered and didn't know what to do or where to go, and then it occurred to me after a few seconds to go to the basement. That is all I remember. It would seem with keys, pokers, rods, bananas - all in their respective "sheaths" - that this would be a sexual dream. Why Alison? Because she is a newly wed and sex is probably still prominent in her life. Receiving random gifts and shopping is all a part of being newly wed. A tornado represents chaos. All relationships eventually encounter chaos. Perhaps this is the end of the honeymoon for Alison. Or perhaps my psyche is using her situation to remember my own, since she is the most newly wed person I know. In any case, the solution is to go to the basement, which is symbolic of the subconscious - or Universal - mind. The answers to everything are already there. Accessing it is totally possible. Perhaps it is a message to get back to ourselves and not pay so much attention to the material world as we know it. This works, but the ego isn't conditioned to using it. The ego is worldly and is what Christians call "Satan" or the devil. It is only one half of our makeup. I am finding more and more that it is the half that makes me unhappy, angry, uncomfortable, disappointed, etc.


Blogger Dovid said...

Don't forget that one good deed can tip the scale on which our worls rests, bringing on an era of eternal goodness and peace.
Moshiach Now.

3:34 PM  
Blogger jobwich said...

Must have gotten into some Freud in your time. Although, this revises it in a good way.

3:44 AM  

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