Monday, May 30, 2005


"The kingdom of heaven is within you."

"Our Father [our divine self], who art in heaven [within us],
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come [let us realize ourselves],
Thy will be done [and do what we know is the truth]....
and lead us not into temptation [instead of the untruth],
but deliver us from evil [save us from our egos]...."
~ The Christian Bible IN A NUTSHELL: "I dont want to mess up again today, because I'm sick of suffering the consequences of my actions."

Humans pray to themselves to save themselves. They speak of themselves in the third person. They separate themselves into parts that are entirely different entities; the good, the evil, the divine, the innocent. Doctors call this multiple personality disorder. It is a coping mechanism. Religion is a coping mechanism. A buffer to soften the blow of our evil. Own your evil. Own your good. You are in between like a river between life and death. Without you these lands do not exist. Recognize these lands and yourself for what they are. Grasp the truth, and you can move to the next level.

Every time a person makes a choice to follow the untrue path, it sacrifices itself to evil. Something in this person feels unworthy of what lies at the end of the true path. It feels it needs more time to remember the experiences of the untrue path. It cannot remember the truth or the untruth. That is the problem. A person would do well to concentrate on remembering before chosing its road.

Giving in to temptation leads to self-distrust.
The tempted can't be trusted.
They are literally alone and a slave to the ego.
Their hearts hold no justice.
They are weak and without respect.
Walk on.
Lower beings are satisfied with temporary gratitude.
Karma will never give them pleasure until they find the right path.
Sin is sadness and pity and anger felt
for those who won't rise above it all for centuries.
It is just the way.
What is so great about the dirt?
Suffer the little humans.
They feel safe in their misery.


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