Monday, November 14, 2005

Crabby Patties

I am happy to say that my life has taken a definite turn for the better. I am really beginning to appreciate "the little things" even more. Because, although they are little things, they're my little things, and they're things that I've really and truly got for myself. I didn't have to use anyone or anything else to get them. They are here and that is all there is to it. I can enjoy my three-year-old making crabby patties with pillows. I can enjoy hearing, "I want another hotdog, I want a piece of yellow cheese, I have to go pee pee, Can you help me with this, please?" I can enjoy hearing, "KITTY CAT!" in the mornings, "Do you need me to pick anything up?" in the evenings. I can enjoy a nice footrub with lotion most nights, and beautiful blue eyes staring at me. I can enjoy hugs from my ten-year-old, and the fact that he can fix his own breakfast and lunch and is always more than willing to fix any meal at all within his power for anyone who asks. I can enjoy hearing my kids tickling one another in the mornings. I can even enjoy them tattling on one another. This is my family, and they are flesh of my flesh. They aren't fancy, but they are damn good-looking and smart as hell. I can enjoy the fact that I don't have to buy boobs, thanks to the kids - not that I would. I can enjoy the fact that I wouldn't buy boobs, anyway. I can appreciate the fact that my face is starting to change from getting older - because I'm getting older. I'm not six feet under where I might have been given the things I've done. I can be thankful that I grew out of living a life that was not real or comfortable to me, because I thought I had to put on a show so people would like me. I feel so relieved that I don't feel like I have to weigh 100 lbs., when I weigh a lot less than a lot of women around me. I need to take advantage of the health I have and get more excersize, and I am thankful that I still have that opportunity. Most of all, I am happy that I've been true to myself at all times, and that those who really know me, know ME. Yes, life is good.


Blogger jobwich said...

Love the recognition that those tykes are teaching you as much as you're teaching them. Also sounds like a great mixture of nature and nurture.

Cant help but think that your pitfalls only make you more worthy of the glow they're casting on you.

7:58 AM  

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