Sunday, November 06, 2005

Van Houten

This morning's dream started at work. I had two customers (husband - dk. hair & wife - blonde) in my office opening accounts. They left, and somehow I heard of a rumor that Peter was embezzling from the company. I was angry and wanted to go drinking. I was with someone (my sister & Jen?), and we went to this bar and sucked down a couple beers real fast. The couple that had been in my office was there and they overheard me talking about the embezzlement. They were extremely upset. The bartender wouldn't serve us anymore, so we decided to go somewhere else. When we got to the next bar, they asked for our I.D.'s, and I couldn't find mine. I was so frustrated, because I had all this stuff in my wallet, yet no I.D. Finally, the girl who'd been driving us (I think she was a lesbian - she was very butch) told me to write down my date of birth on a piece of paper, then she finally let us have a couple of pitchers. We sucked those down, too. Then we went back to Diana & Jen's. They lived in an old house (not the current one) that they were re-doing. The living room area walls had been plastered (over panelling) and painted bright white. The pattern was very thick-textured. And there was a huge fireplace at one end of the room.

Next, I was in an ally facing a group of teenagers. There was one in particular that I was looking for, but he wasn't there. Then, I spotted him running down another ally and began to chase him. I finally cornered him in a public restroom. He was trying to hide in a stall by standing on the toilet. (The stalls were dark blue). I came up to him quickly, and he had a look of terror on his face. I put my face to his neck, but my fingers had touched it first and broke the skin. I put my mouth to the wound, but did not suck. His blood had already begun to coagulate and it was unpleasant. Instead of drinking, I just moved the blood over my tongue and lips and tasted the saltiness of it. I then realized I needed to infuse my blood with his and give it back to him somehow in order to transform him. I was unsure how to do this and started trying to push the blood into the wound on his neck with my tongue. I don't think it worked.

In the next scene I remember, I was searching out a wealthy family somewhere in (maybe) Romania (1400's?). There was a man who was head of the family, and I got the impression he was a very powerful vampire. This was the very reason I was seeking him out. I entered their home against the advice of a few of the family members. It was night, and I cautiously made my way down the hall. All of the bedrooms were empty. The last room belonged to the man I was looking for. I entered very quietly just inside the door, and saw the covers on his huge bed were pulled back and he was not in the room.

I went outside and was standing atop a hill watching a mob of people shuffling around at the bottom of the hill. There were only a few torches, so it was very dark, but I could see their shadowy figures quite clearly. All of the sudden, there came running from behind me to the left a large black wolf. It ran toward the crowd and the people began to scream and run. As the wolf got closer to the crowd, it changed into a woman (a member of the family I'd pursued) with long dark hair, dressed in a maroon dress with black velvet vest. When she reached the crowd, she simply blended in and ran with them. I could not tell her from the rest.


Blogger jobwich said...

You are well-versed in the lore, such a roller coster ride between master and servant in there. And often in mid-scenario.

Anything in this latest wave of vampire stuff grabbing you (Twilight/Trueblood)?

7:26 AM  
Blogger Bitter Bi+ch said...

Centuries long quest for the master, always. It's the only thing I lack.

Haven't read or seen any of the new stuff. I am spoiled by the most revered Anne Rice. Have you read any of her books?

3:25 PM  

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