Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Importance of Truth

One of the things I've learned from all my failed relationships is this: Be absolutely honest right up front and no exceptions. Share everything from frustrations to weird thoughts to lovely ones. Share your views and your moral beliefs, your religious beliefs and everything else. Because, sooner or later, something will happen. Either your significant other is going to find out the truth and not like it and be upset that you didn't share. Or they won't find out and you will feel compelled to hold it from them, and you will never feel like you are in a complete relationship. You will have an insecurity with that person, and most likely you will find someone else to share those things with and you'll be spreading yourself all over the board and that's just no good. Your significant other is supposed to be your rock and vise versa. How can you know in your heart that someone loves you and accepts you for who you are if they haven't been given a fair opportunity to do so? Hmmm? If it is something you don't want to share because you really don't like that part of yourself, do you think that part is going to go away if you keep it locked up in your mind? No! But, you can possibly say to someone that you are pretty sure loves you, "I'm going to tell you something about myself that I'm really not proud of (or that may sound off-the-wall or not be acceptable to the majority crowd), because I wan't to know that you can accept me as I am." If you don't do this, eventually, you will stray and your loyalties will be divided and that will cause you more insecurity. I guess the first rule of thumb is to be true to yourself. If you have conviction, it really shouldn't matter what others think, anyway. You may be pleasantly surprised when they start sharing, too. You just never know, your partner may also have a hidden fetish or fantasy that you can relate to. There are no secrets. There are only facts. Facts are true. The truth always wins, whether it works for you or not.


Blogger jobwich said...

Of late, given the question whether it's better to know, or not to know, many bring up Oedipus. His life may have been less dramatic, but maybe no less tragic, if he never knew.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Bitter Bi+ch said...

A matter of perspective, in retrospect.

3:04 PM  

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