Sunday, September 04, 2005


The average human being has wishes and wants. It is that human part that induces these thoughts. There are times when I am unsatisfied with my lot in life, and like many people, I despair. In retrospect, it helps me to realize I have "angels" in my life. As I grow, I find that I am more concerned with my immortal soul, and I review my situation to make mental note of my angels. What is more important than your soul's path? I can't think of a single thing - certainly not anything material. Possibly the most difficult thing for any human is to cross paths with another soul that is lost. Lost souls tend to - albeit unintentionally due to ignorance - grab you by the foot and claw their way up your body in an attempt to drag you backward. These are the tests of your soul's growth and strength. Hence, the importance of reflecting in order to find your angels and stick with them. They may not be members of your family. As a matter of fact, the family can be the tester souls that are lost and looking to a soul that has grown in order to find direction. It might seem unfair, but is probably true, that that is the exact reason you've been placed with those souls. Unfortunately, many of these lostlings test you by inviting you to pity, jealousy, pride, insecurity or hate parties. How easy have you found it to attend these parties and become not only a guest, but the "life of the party?" It is the easiest thing in the world for me to dive right into a party like this under the pretence of "empathy." Oh, and TV ads and magazine articles, or press of most nature is the worst for this. That business is so full of lost souls, there will never be a shortage in this age. Truly, you must be a rock. Truly you ARE a rock, you just have to realize it.

When I dispair in my relationship with my husband, one of my angels - namely "S", is always one of the first to remind me that he is my soulmate. Although, it is a shame I have to be reminded of this, it is a blessing to have an angel like "S" to do it. A brief description of "S" is warranted here: She has a light that shines bright even in her darkest moments. She is kind and giving and politely modest. She is tolerant and brilliant and connected to God more than she is aware. So, when "S" is tested, I am compelled to bring to her notice all the light around her and also all the darkness. You see, there is light and dark everywhere around us, and "S" is sometimes vulnerable to darkness. Of course, it doesn't help that darkness knocks on your door virtually each day, and sometimes it creeps into the gaps in your door and tries to crawl up your nose and enter your mind. The mind is a terrible thing at times, because it is the border between your soul and your spirit, and it can be weakened by trial. Keep in close touch with your angels and they will be there to support you and light your way through the darkness.

In my day-to-day life, as I stated above, I do find discontent with my lot. This is my human nature that has a very strong will. It is always right - at the time. My husband, another angel, and the first that I ever recognized outloud, has suffered my moods and tantrums to such a degree that, although he doesn't know it, he is also closer to God than he knows. I can say one good thing about suffering another human being; it puts you closer to God, and that is why you're here.

I began my soul search about the time I met my husband. I was fortunate that he was an angel and that I found him. From thousands of miles away we found eachother by chance, and I sensed God in him immediately. Funny, I wasn't consciously looking. Now it is my passion to follow the true path of my soul. While some of those I encounter will find me cruel, cynical, stubborn or uncaring, they will never find me false. And now, no matter who I encounter or what the circumstances are, I search and see God in them. I mourn for those I barely know, because I sense they are lost. The redemption is this: we can keep doing it until we learn all we need to know. This is the best tour I've ever taken. I feel so strong and loved when I look around me and see my angels.

Keep to the true path of your own soul, without deliberately harming anyone. It is rewarding and will be filled with suffering and lessons. To harm another is to harm the "Other" - which is to harm yourself. That is my only advice to the world. My words are inadequate. Read The Essential Edgar Cayce. Pay attention to your dreams and your visions and seek their meaning. Those are my suggestions for the day.
Peace be with you.


Blogger Mike said...

I like your news clips. Visit anytime, And Im always looking for new reads.


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Blogger jobwich said...

Would love to hear how you crossed a continent to find that bond.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Bitter Bi+ch said...

Long and surreal story. At this point, I'm starting to think it was all a dream.

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