Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Playing

Admittedly, I am a jaded person. Therefore, I always try to do my "homework" before getting too deep into anything serious. It seems, though, that for whatever reason, I keep getting bad answers. By bad, I don't mean undesirable; quite the contrary. What I mean is I get what someone thinks I want to hear, or whatever they think they can tell me to get what they want at the time being. Well, how can I be at fault when this happens and things go awry? So, jaded yes, fault number 1, in this case.

Now, fault number 2. Trusting for the sake of love. Maybe this really should be number 1. Now, who's on the shitty end of all this? Me, I know. All my fault. And I keep saying, "Never again." And it keeps on happening. I guess I am doing this to myself.



Blogger jobwich said...

A sage once wrote, "Something always goes awry." It's all imperfect, but there are intervals that can/will take your breath away. Always protect yourself, for certain. But allow for moments of flow and grace.

2:25 PM  

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