Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evil Bacteria

Let me just say that mucopurulent sputum is just fucking nasty. I know this, first hand, from many experiences with it. I'm sure this is not the last time I will say this. Have resisted the urge to grace the elf doctor with my presence, the past two weeks. I just really need to fight this out, if at all possible. I abhor antibiotics. They mess up my tummy. They strip my intestines of their natural liner, and there aren't enough pumpkin seeds in the world to replace it in short order. Not to mention that they ruin my immune system - which was improving, until I had to re-start Cozaar, about a month and-a-half ago. One of the side effects of Cozaar is - yep, you guessed it - sinus infection. Oh, yay. Another side effect is depression. JUST what I need. THANK YOU. So, I smell like garlic, when I'm not at work. I do the workfolks the sweetest favor by not smelling like Mama Samantha Leone. I'm sure they appreciate it....NOT. Oh, don't get me starting on that bunch. I defriended them all on facebook, today. They are not friends. They don't call me up to chit chat, or invite me out for beers. They don't need to know my quiz results. I've taken away their privileges. Have become exclusive. I am the shit. And, I'm coughing up sputum. Isn't that sexy?


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