Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes, it's the New Moon.

So, no wonder my body is doing a sudden re-start, eh? Okay, it had to happen again, sooner or later. The lateness. The skipingness (I just made that word up). You know how sometimes, your hard drive has to really eff up or something, before you cave and reset your computer? You gotta get rid of all that old stuff. Here's a chance for my body to get rid of all that old stuff. Still, I wonder, why do we have to stockpile before we purge? Isn't it easier to just purge regularly? Perhaps some of us just stockpile a lot faster. Or maybe I haven't been stockpiling enough? Or maybe the moon has a different agenda.

Question: If you moon the moon, on a new moon, are you still mooning the moon?


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