Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cakes, etc.

This morning, during coffee time, I StumbleUpon a site with a slide show of the 50 most beautiful wedding cakes. It is a sad day, my friends, when cake is judged mainly for its beauty. A melancholy day for me, indeed, since wedding cake is one of the joys of my life - or was. As jaded as I am on the institute of marriage (bitterness, guilt, a sense of inferiority, where this is concerned, so just don't go there), the cake is the thing that makes the word "wedding," in general, tolerable for me. Oh, I have recently been to a wedding where the love permeated even my evil dark lord-ess humbug of marriage reality. But, when it comes time, at the reception; after the dinner, after the drinks, every sound stops when the toast goes up - the anticipation as the happy couple cuts into that cake. Every guest wonders how they will present it to one another. Will they smash it into the face? Will they gingerly place a small bite on the tongue of their partner? WHO CARES!!!?? Gimme some of that soft, vanilla-almond, melt-in-my-mouth, creamy, buttery frosting sensation! It is the highlight of the whole event.

But, wait! Screeeeeeeeetch! Who put the brakes on traditional frosting? Who came up with the evil "fondant" that puts cake in jail? Where is the code to break into this stuff? Where does it go, after we've wasted a full three minutes rolling all the special, shiny dots and dribbles that have hardened into a fortress? Is this the result of others like me, perhaps? Symbolic of breaking down the walls of fear, doubt, reluctance, suspicion and cynicism? But, stop it! Wedding cake is one of the very few things I kept faith in. Whoever says, "Nothing good is ever easy," is misinformed. I sink and melt together with traditional wedding cake frosting. It is good. It is heavenly. I don't care if your cake is crooked. I don't care if the colors aren't exactly right, or if you have a scene of Atlantis or the Second Coming on there.

In my world, there will be no fondant. True artistry is in the flavor and texture of food. If it's pretty, it's certainly a bonus. Like everything else in my world, what counts is the truth of it all - what's inside.


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