Monday, May 02, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Blowhard?

Who is afraid of a country that sits on it's ass, posting and re-posting news that's been heard, read and imposed many times over?

Anybody notice that you can't go anywhere or read anything without seeing a button or tab for a social media network? Ever think about WHY?

While some are busy doing nothing to produce anything positive, or to take care of their own, there are still those out there who feel it's their purpose to rid the earth of what they honestly believe to be useless wastes of air and land. Those joiners and followers are making it so very easy for them, playing into their hands. Showing them how right they are about this country.

Some of us joined the social networks, so we could What does that mean, really, anymore? I thought it was about loving, caring, helping people. Friends. Alas, it seems that some are not in it for the compassion, but for the opportunity to hear themselves talk, or to read themselves writing something that's already out there. To cluck, cluck, cluck, like a bunch of hens about the egg so-and-so just laid. Like there has never, nor will ever be another egg.

To thank a political leader in this country for something that it has taken countless individuals to accomplish, shows a real lack of insight. As a U.S. Citizen, you have paid those fuckers to do this job. It came out of your earnings. They didn't do this as a favor. They sit on expensive furniture, and eat expensive meals, pretty regularly, and you pay them to do it. Who's paying you? What are you doing?

In this country, we are supposed to have choices. Choices about what to watch, what to read, what to do with our time. I do not watch "Idol," and can't imagine why, even if I did, I would want to read about every thing that was happening on said show, as it was happening, on a fucking SOCIAL NETWORK. I would watch the fucking TV, that someone paid for, that is probably not in many ways at all recyclable, that probably causes fucking autism.

I guess it must be comforting, on some level, to people who hate real life so much, to sit around on a social network, clucking...about...fucking...nothing. I guess that way, they won't notice when someone who's actually done something, out of some sort of PURPOSE drops a big fat fucking bomb on their neighborhood, to delete their consuming, bullshit ass.

When, when, when will people realize that to balance that hatred, there has to be a collective of LOVE? Stop advertising for the maniacs.


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