Friday, September 09, 2011


Yesterday, I went to the drugstore to drop off a 'script. When I returned to my car, a dude was sitting in an old, beat up, black Toyota pickup. He was gray-headed, though almost bald. Rough looking. Whiskers. Smoking a cigarette. He looked mad, and guilty. By the time I was behind my driver's seat, and looked up again, there was another dude, about my age (mid-forties, maybe younger), standing beside his driver door, talking on a cell phone. The truck dude was obviously listening in on the call. I get a feeling somebody's physician quit writing pain killer 'scripts; and now he's using up his buddy's. Highly likely. Sad. Not only that the guy is potentially hooked on narcotics; but that he seems so miserable, and not proud of himself.


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