Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Yammering Bit of Prose

I started writing this just to see how many words I could actually write, as my word processing program has a tool that counts the words in your document. Up to this point I have (32) words.
I've always been fascinated by words. It's probably because they are symbols, and the human mind craves symbols. That's what your dreams are made of; pictures of things are actually symbols of different aspects of your life, and in your dreams, you use these symbols to create and solve scenarios that you consciously don't want to or have the required atmosphere to do. I believe that most of our incapability to do this in our waking life is due in large part to having to deal with life, which is - ironically - what makes all the symbols we use to deal with our emotions, which are - ironically - created by all those situations in life that make the pictures. It's a huge circle/cycle that we do each day. Our brain uses everything we feel emotionally, see, touch smell, hear and taste to help us function without whacking off someone else's head that contains a brain doing the same as ours. The difference being that we are not all on the same time frame as far as our brain symbolism process; thus creating conflict. There is a reason we don't connect to the "mainframe" of consciousness like we probably did before humans actually existed as we do today, but I haven't deciphered that part of it, yet. I do know if we did that there would be no war, famine, etc. Unfortunately, certain humans contain personality traits (mostly in my opinion created by a lack of using their brain symbolism [hereinafter referred to as "brains"] to its optimum capacity) that just irk other humans (the ones who DO use their brains). The only explanation I have for this utter faux pas of creation is that we also have a spirit - or soul if you will. We all know that there are good spirits and bad spirits. We all also should know that good and bad are very relative terms and we all have our own ideas (or symbols) as to what those terms mean. This is largely created by our physical makeup, but I think we also inherit soul or spirit traits from our ancestors. Some psychiatrists or other doctors of the mind may call it a chemical disorder. Well, that may be true as we are all made up of chemicals. But what makes the chemical disorder to begin with? And, isn't the term "disorder" here also relative?
I suppose in some countries it may be perfectly fine to just chop your neighbor's head off for mowing at a ridiculous hour on a Saturday morning. Perhaps some countries don't een recognize Saturday at all. I've also heard that it's considered and insult in some Asian countries if you DON'T belch loudly at the end of a meal. How completely absurd! But, burps are also relative. I mean to say that if someone lets one rip during a church sermon or a board meeting, it isn't the same at all as if he or she were to say a loud, "WHAAAAWWWWP!!!" in the middle of an outdoor heavy metal concert, right? (This is all surely uninteresting to most. However, I've now written 556 words; incredible.)
So, now that I am pretty sure I've figured out one of life's little mysteries, what to do with it? We certainly can't make others think as we do, or symbolize as we do. Do you ever wonder or care to wonder what the original symbolism was? Well, I've read and tend to believe that it was probably all just a big, white light in the beginning, and there were no other pictures or sounds. As a result, I imagine there were no problems with belching or not belching after a meal or during a sermon or meeting.
I imagine there were no problems with persons jingling their coins in their pockets as they paced back and forth across the floor in front of an otherwise productive individual, causing them great distress in that they could not rip that obnoxious bowel sphincter's head off of his neck and throw it out the second story window of an old building. There are probably people who can work under such conditions. I am not one of those people, and I tend to think that there is something wrong with me that I cannot concentrate on my intentions while there are others about. Then, I think that there would be something wrong with me if I weren't forced by my nature to pay attention to that person, as that person could be carrying a pistol and happen to be inclined to use it. Or, that person may actually have something interesting and beneficial to share with me verbally. Or, perhaps their pants may fall down and they'd be wearing their mother's undergarments. I may be overly observant, but SOME people might appreciate that if I, while they went about their business unawares, were to save everyone's life at work by noticing a grenade flying through the window and landing on the office floor, and screaming, "GET DOWN!" or something like that. Yes, we all have our flows, but they are just as relative as everything else in the physical world. This is little comfort.
What I want to know is, where are the minds of the under observant people? What are they thinking, and why isn't their adrenaline pumping into overdrive when what's-his-name is pacing and jingling coinage? I wish I could just tap into that chemical as needed, instead of having to visit some doctor and paying them hard-earned (or distracted-earned) money and having to swallow a pill daily. Who can remember to do that - what with watching for grenades and for the pants to fall down off of jingling pacers? Really! I have important things to look out for. How can I be expected to add yet another chore - another symbol - to my daily routine? The pill would be one more thing to dream about.
What does a pill symbolize? Well, it could be any number of things, depending upon its size and color, and also the context of the pill dream. For instance: A large red pill. The pill represents a cure, usually. So there's a remedy needed for whatever other symbols the brain happens to be using. It being large would tell me that the cure was sorely needed. The pill being red would tell me that it was in direct correlation to my health or emotions, or that I was digesting a warning delivered to me in the forms of a pill that I could "swallow." Has anyone ever tried to warn you of something and you just wouldn't listen? Hence the term "It was more than I could swallow." Taking the pill in the dream would possibly represent ingesting the advice of a loved one or close friend without actually having to consciously admit it. Yes, without dreams, how could we live at all? We would surely go bonkers in little time.
If you've ever been truly sleep deprived, you will know what the beginning of bonkers is like. Bonkers, of course - as all else is - being relative. There are people on this great big rock we call Earth that have practiced, since before anyone really knows, religions that use sleep deprivation, as well as fasting, as a means to create an altered state in which they can more readily experience the spirit world. There are those among us, also, who like to take LSD to get similar effects. LSD is costly (and can land you in the hospital or the clink); less food is less costly; less sleep is usually free and becoming more and more abundant from what I have heard (but also could land you in hospital or clink under certain circumstances). The key is moderation, caution, and common sense - common sense being the very thing our dreams are made of.
I've heard some folks say the don't dream. Well, I will tell you right here and now that when folks say that to me, I want to run the other direction very fast. If they're not dreaming, they're either crazy or dead. I've enough things to watch for in regular life (grenades, strange underwear), without having to deal with crazies or zombies. Sometimes I think I do actually deal with crazies and zombies in my capacity as customer service person...but they're "always right?" (1,430 words).
Let's just go back and analyze that term "common sense" for a moment. Okay, let me do it, then. Common - other words for common: ordinary, everyday, shared (among others). Sense - other words for sense: intelligence, meaning, feeling (among others). Just look in your thesaurus for all the things these words mean, and you will see that we all share a common knowledge of some sort. Some use it, some don't. I like to think I do. If I could only get some of that quick and easy calmness chemical to flow freely through my common sense, I'd be just about perfect, I think. There are people out there who do have this ability. Those are people who lose their driver's licenses and keys often. Perhaps being calm inhibits your short term memory. Maybe we're all overworked, overstressed and under-entertained. That would be a logical explanation for this particular mar in the human psyche. I say we go to the afternoon siesta system. We could stay up later and party more if we were more rested throughout the day. It would prevent burnout, or at least delay it in a big way.
Of course, there are some people who ingest so much caffeine during their waking hours that they get nothing accomplished besides pacing in front of the desks of otherwise productive individuals.... See what I mean? It's the big cycle/circle. You could point your finger nine ways to Sunday and still you'd have it turn back around and point you right in the nose. It's really a lot to think about. There is no reason for anyone in the world to ever be bored. If they'd spend time contemplating these things, they'd worry less about other things. Then, like me, they'd have huge piles of laundry and dirty floors.

Samantha Shirreffs
Saturday, October 2, 2004
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