Friday, June 03, 2005

The Trip

I spent the night with Grandpa, Chris and Cheri. Cheri and I snuck out and came back into her room through a sliding glass door, which we apparently forgot to lock. Grandpa made note of it in the morning. We all took off on some sort of journey. Grandpa was driving a big blue money van. I was behind him on a motorcycle. Traffic stopped suddenly and I almost rearended the van. I got impatient and passed everyone. Then the scene switched and I was with John and we were on a raft of some sort traveling in open water. I was checking out the scenery. We passed through many cities and a few states. We watched weather change. Back on land we were riding bicycles through a downtown area. We actually were riding through something like a huge department store or a mall. I think we were in Canada. I was looking at the merchandise and when I looked up on the wall there was a small clock (like the ones in school) and I said, "Damn, it's 3:15." The bicycle path was lit through the shops - which were closed. John said, "Let's go." We came to a house that we were going to rent. The bathroom was huge - about half as big as my house. It was covered in 1-foot square natural stone, cream colored tile and had a separate shower and tub. The shower area had a knee-high wall around it. The tub was like 10 feet long and had no curtain or anything. I noticed a knob on the wall above the tub, and I climbed onto the edge of the tub and pulled the knob. It was a long, thick rope, like a divider rope at the movies or something. It pulled out from the wall, and I deducted that it must be to hang a shower curtain on for privacy - only there was no place to hook it to the other wall.


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Did you have a dream journal, or just some sort of photographic memory where dreams are concerned?

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