Monday, October 04, 2010

All I Need

When I feel a need,
I feel conflict and confusion,
Because I cannot understand
This need.
Why - when I'm fairly healthy,
Have wits, some gift of talent -
Do I need anything?
Answers elude, but I seek
From the beginning.

I recall a roof, a bed, meals,
People, pets, a yard, neighbors,
Sunshine and shadows, leaves,
Flowers, grass, breeze,
Deep blue and black infinite sky.
Strong arms used to hold me,
Carry me.
Later - and often then -
That strength was used to control,
To push me, launch me.
And still, on rare occasions,
Comfort - and this was confusing.

For the first and only time,
At age thirty-four, I heard,
"I love you," from this man
Who was my father.

Almost any man can train himself
In his body, in his mind.
These are good qualities,
But they are common.
Providing, guarding, holding firm -
Fine accomplishments.

However, a man who gives his love,
His heart and soul, openly,
Unselfishly and often,
Does what he's put here to do.
There is no braver or necessary thing.
And there is no child, wife, sister, friend,
So blessed as the recipient.
For it is the base ingredient
In a wholesome life,
The ultimate motivation and
The strongest foundation.
A man who shares this way
Participates in creating universes,
And in so doing finds his connection
To his source.

That is all I need.


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