Friday, July 29, 2005


For many years - probably at least 15 - I've had dreams about having a penis. Not just any penis, mind you. But a penis that grows longer than that of an elephant. These are great dreams. I wish I never had to wake up from these dreams. I think having a penis would be great if you didn't have to go to work or get out of bed for any other reason.


Blogger jobwich said...

Well, you're going to be very popular.

Suppose Freudians would wax at length (Ugh) about it representing the desire for power, which in this case would be enormous.

Don't know, though. Never felt it as a source of power. Embarassment (please come up to the chalkboard and finish this problem), vulnerability (Cup, please)and humor (it does often look ridiculous).

Wonder if future generations of hominids will have less overt external genetalia. At least when not in arousal phase. Like your heffalump.

6:26 PM  

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