Friday, August 05, 2005


I went to lunch with my friend, "S", today. We talked about a conversation I had with my husband about what he actually "sees" in me. He mentioned something about my mind and that I am smart and have a certain perception. This only comes from being OLD, I said. But I didn't mean chronologically old. You know how you just "know" certain things and you can't remember why? It's just a fact and you know it. Well things that I know are rather odd and might possibly land me in a small locked room some day. But that will just give me more time to practice what I know. Like I told "S" at lunch, the things I want to do don't have anything to do with money or recognition. They are things like learning to fly. Not an aircraft - myself. I want to learn to fly. I am content to float first. I want to learn how to control the cells of my body and heal myself. There are other things I want to do, but those are things I probably shouldn't. I want to learn to see space as it really is, without all the illusions of this realm. I want to see and smell music. There are people who can do that. I tried LSD a few times when I was in high school and shortly thereafter. I was able to see sounds. It was so cool. If I could do it while under the influence of that drug, I don't see why I couldn't somehow minipulate my brain to do it all on its own. I think I'll have to wait until my youngest son is older, though, because when he's around, I have to pay attention to him. It is just that motherly thing, you know. Perhaps my inability to sleep well when I have PMS is an indication that I should be spending that time meditating or astral travelling or something. I will tell you this: when you've not slept real good for about a week, you can't help being in an altered state. I will probably try to quit being a wuss and go camping sometime during PMS - hopefully I'll do this before I hit menopause. I hope my small psychic abilities don't go away once I go through "the change." Worry, worry, worry. Pthhllllllllll.......


Blogger jobwich said...

Wow, talk about Jung. There's a lot of collective unconscious in there. And it's like Tim Kring ripped off his "Heroes" concept from your cerebellum. And that's before we get to the Timothy Leary fodder.

So in awe of people that have lost a sense (sight, hearing), and then develop super-sensory abilities to more than overcome their supposed disability.

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