Friday, August 12, 2005


Human = challenging game of temptation for eternal souls. Everyone wins, but it takes longer for some of us, because whether we want to admit it or not, we love the challenge. We forget when we're human how peaceful it is in between. When we're in between, we want to learn more lessons from the game. There are plenty of lessons, because by the grace of our own energy, we create. Thankfully, we're only in human form for a short period of time. Otherwise our souls would be "up all night drinking coffee" forever! Even souls need a rest.


Blogger Gretchen Coleman said...

How incredibly annoying to get a response from some advertiser to such a great post. There is another blogger m...mouse, who is having the same problem and has cut off the ability to post comments. What a shame! Do these people really think they are going to get a positive response?

I like the post. It really is a game and we are here to PLAY. But we get caught up in life and forget to PLAY.

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