Monday, June 20, 2011

What It's Like

Ask me what it's like to dress down, not to draw too much attention. There are so many reasons. Not that I care what anyone thinks; but I care that how they think will affect others. I can't be distracting folks, making them ask questions in their minds, and amongst others. I know too many people. I know how they feel, because it's how I'd feel. I don't want them judging. If I dress up, take what I want, it has to mean that someone else can't have it. So, let them think they have it all. Maybe they'll be quiet. I just want them to be quiet.

Ask me how it feels not to wear perfume, or lipstick, not to wear a mask. To be exposed, so I can hide. Is this me? Where am I? What are they?

Ask me, "What is your passion?" The search for truth is my passion. But look around. Everything is what it is. The truth is, no one can be true.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Saturday morning
On your call list
All about you
I don't exist
My whole life
I'm no good daughter
Mother or wife
I won't resist
I don't exist