Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something Rather Silly

If we were cats, in the morning,
I would touch your nose with mine.
I'd turn my back to you and groom;
Pretending to ignore you,
All the while glancing back to check you out.

In summer, as cats,
We might laze about in the grass,
In sunny parts under the trees.
I might bat at a few dandelions,
Before I come over to cause mischief for you.

During fall, I'd crouch down
In piles of leaves, and stalk you.
My brow low, pupils wide, back legs rocking.
Then I'd pounce! And run away very quickly,
Hoping you would chase me.

In winter, I would lay with you
On a thick rug, at the hearth,
With a front paw around your shoulder.
I'd purr, and lick your head.
Until you purred, too.

In spring
I think
There'd just
Be lots
Of kittens.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Night's Dream

Last night, I dreamed of a giant vat of macaroni and cheese. I wasn't eating it, but running my hands through it. Searching for the textures, the valleys, the solid parts. The vat became you, and I was pleasing you this way. It's nice to dream of the things you love.