Monday, March 31, 2014

beginagainagainagain Something I wrote, as grandfunkpunk Jun 26, 2000 (a true experience) One night I woke up in another house. Not my house or any house I had ever lived in. It was dark outside, save for an eerie glow. Sort of like a dark warehouse with those hanging florescent lights. Not really light, not really dark. When I came out of the room I had been sleeping in, I noticed the front door was open. There was no one inside that I could sense. I walked out into the warm summer evening and faced the open fields of wheat and shadows of mountains in the background. There was a very minimal breeze. Only enough to know that the air was really air, and not something more liquid. That this was a real experience and not a dream. Then I looked toward the sky. I saw no sky at all. I saw what appeared to be an upside down airfield. With lights on the runway and everything. Different colored lights. They began to move. Not like disco lights or anything, just in patterns � like an airport. Just when my mind began to register this awesome sight, I heard a flute being played inside the house. I turned and wandered back in. The music was slow and trance inducing. I suppose I was the snake in the basket, because I followed the sound back to the very back of the house. In that room, there was a light like the sun was shining. It was very daylight in there. Sitting, cross legged on the floor was a naked man with black hair � not really long hair/not really short hair. He was playing a wooden flute. Then he stopped. He told me to turn around. He did not �say� to turn around, with words, I just knew to turn around � like telepathy or something. So, I turned and walked out the door and was outside again without having to walk through the house. I was outside � in the daylight. The wheat fields were gone. It was all just tall green grass. Beautiful trees. The air was more clear. I could see forever. Haze did not block the view of mountains. It was as if I were seeing with hawk eyes. There were no manmade noises at all. Only animals. The house was gone. It was only me now. Just me in the grass, with the wind and the trees and the earth forever and ever around me. And I was naked, just as naked as everything else. Then, I heard the flute again. I waded through the grass that smelled so sweet. Then very suddenly, I was upon a lake. I could see to the bottom. Huge colorful fish swam about, along with snakes and salamanders. There was the man playing the flute across the lake. When I looked at his face, he stopped playing again. He said with his mind, �Welcome to the beginning.�