Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vent a Blog

Okay, amid all the romantic shtuff, I have to rant.

I am sick AND tired of all the GOD bless this, and GOD has blessed this, etc., from folks that have told me, firsthand how shitsuck their lives are!! I mean, make up your fucking minds, please. Has GOD saved you, or somehow taken away all the pain and misery within the past 24 hours? And, if so, WHY didn't I get THAT email?? What am I, your freaking misery bog? Fuck you. You may hate me for this (which, by the way, would be very UNChristian of you), but frankly, if there is a GOD - which there isn't - not like you think - then he's got a really sucky sense of things, causing so much misery and confusion among his flock. It just doesn't make sense. I tried religion. GOD failed me. I make my own decisions, based upon my circumstances, and my particular mood at the time, and so do you. Unless, of course, you feel like you want to be a pansy and make someone else responsible for the chaos you've caused yourself and others. Or, if you just don't want to make a decision, because you may be indecisive, or feel like you're being pressured to do so, maybe. Hey, just say, "I feel like I need to sleep on it, and think about the possibilities." Because, if you're praying, that's all you're doing. Take the credit. Take credit for the good stuff, and the bad stuff.......and QUIT with the religious crap on the social networks. Keep it in a specific club, or at church, for crimany's sake! And, I do believe in hell. Hell is a place where you are miserable....it exists, regardless of time and space, just like heaven - where you're blissfully happy. If I say, "Go to hell!" I mean that I want you to be very unhappy, like you've made me. Perhaps I should rather say, "Join me in hell!" Maybe, someday, you might want to share something nice with me, and I won't think you're such a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How Does it Feel.....

To know you are the warmest part of my heart,
The brightest part of my day?
Does this tax you, or give you comfort?

It looks to me, like a newly planed, thick, oak door,
On freshly oiled hinges, that stays mostly open.
It smells like a fir tree in the forest, on a brisk day.

It feels like a ray of sun;
One that is there through the plate glass window,
As well as drenching me entirely on the front porch.

It sounds like an old, well-built home
With two-story ceilings and elaborately carved banisters.
Like a crackling fireplace, on a cold night.

I can see us there.
Hear our muted laughter; our coos.
I can feel you here, always, in my heart.