Thursday, January 06, 2011


I am reclined on a strapped deck chair,
Aside a postage stamp pool.
Here you come, through the aluminum gate
With your easy stance, your crumpled hat,
And your beautiful, amazing, unequivocal smile.
You've unknowingly encapsulated me.
I feel naked and cocooned, all at once.
I join you in the water,
Staying out of your self-made lane.
I decide to watch your blurred figure
Through liquid lenses.
The way your eyes look bigger and bigger
As you get closer -
A grade school metamorphosis film flashback -
Makes me laugh.
I choke, being forced to remember
Laughing under water
Doesn't work.
There is your gaze, again,
And we are so at ease,
And yet
So tightly wound.


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